Décima Challenge: Sense

How can you now acknowledge me?
We meet, we laugh, we chat, we work,
Oddly–your attention does irk:
Past treatment: I, the absentee…
Amaze me, protest attendee!
Raise sign and megaphone for prize!
Flaunt flashy badge: “we are allies!”
Part of me does take great offense.
Progress is pain makes poignant sense;
Past yet present: action belies…

Ronovanwrites Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 10 (Sense)

7 thoughts on “Décima Challenge: Sense

  1. Amazing. I have thought this same thing over the course of the past few weeks, and really over the years. I see all these social media accounts jumping on and think, “where have you been”. Including myself. The celebrities especially get to me. They have such a powerful voice, yet…nothing.If not for COVID, I wonder how many would have taken as much time to get involved.

    I do thank Donald Trump. If not for his inane treatment of the COVID pandemic, there would not have been all these bored white people at home with nothing to do except attempt to make themselves relevant and talk with friends about something. And less to talk about on the news for these murders to get swallowed up and lost in the chatter.

    I secretly sometimes think it was part of his plan to hope COVID would wipe out a large portion of the people of color population so there would be fewer voters in his path to re-election.

    And now the protests and the rioters to scare the white people who are on the fence of who to vote for to be so scared that their lives will be inconvenienced that they vote for the people in power who are willing to use the arms to keep the peace against what they perceive to be a threat. Just as happened in 1968, and later with Reagan.

    I apologize for my rambling tirade. It happens sometimes. I don’t have an off switch since my concussion. (I’m a former history teacher and historian and I also write Historical Fiction novels. So I can get some crazy, yet realistic, conspiracy theories.)

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